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Lawn Strip


Don't have the time to do poop scooping?

We get it.

Don't want to deal with the smell and the mess?

We got it.

Want a healthy and clean yard?

We know it.

Tired of the inconvenience?

Let us help

Get a free quote now.

Our Services

Dog Waste Removal

Yard Disinfection

Commercial Services

Coming Soon- Turf Installation

Dog Clean Up Station Installation

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Why Choose Us

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No more need to smell the mess that your furry family members leave for you. Someone's got to pick it up, that means spending time in the sun and smelling nature. If you want to spend more time with family or doing what you like to do, let us help get this chore done for you. You work hard, no need to keep working when you get home or on the weekend. Let us take care of your dog poo.

We strive to keep our customers happy and help to provide a clean and sanitary yard for furry family members and happy humans to enjoy together. Let us help you. Get in contact with us today.

On Time, Every Time

Experienced Team Members


Trusted and Insured

What Our Clients Say

OMG I don't know how I survived without this service before. Single mom here and we love our dogs. We just needed the service and didn't know it.
- Sarah Garcia, San Antonio Tx

Kevin Schuster, Westwood Park

Playing Soccer
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